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is a relatively low-traffic website with approximately 16K visitors monthly, according to Alexa, which gave it a poor rank.

Moreover, Woodstone Cu has yet to grow their social media reach, as it’s relatively low at the moment: 6 Linked In shares and 2 Twitter mentions.

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My girlfriend was a hi-tech venture capitalist, brimming with insight on global trends, European culture and film. Though both women were terrific and devoted moms, my new lover flew around the world first class, whereas my wife had preferred the homebody life of planting veggies, strumming on the guitar. After a divorce, you are walking through a hall of broken rear-view mirrors. In retrospect, I should have waited longer than a month after the split to start a new relationship. Reconnect with your inner thoughts and see if you can maintain one identifiable feeling for longer than ten minutes before grief, spite or anger come galloping in to trample your clear thinking.Daily Pageviews per Visitor Estimated daily unique pageviews per visitor on the site.Daily Time on Site Estimated daily time on site (mm:ss) per visitor to the site.Be careful with this new woman's heart." And of course, in the new rush of freedom -- enjoying meals, traveling, making love to somebody who didn't secretly (as well as not so secretly) resent me -- it was like being born into a new happy world. We introduced each other to new authors and film-makers and had strong feelings of genuine affection. She had wizened eyes; she'd been single for a couple of years whereas I was fresh off the production line. One day in the kitchen, mid-breakfast, she turned around with tears in her eyes and said, "Are you sure about this? You haven't experienced what it is to be alone yet, to be single." Tears streamed down her cheeks. It takes time for hope's innocent balloon to settle back to Earth. Forgive yourself for failing at all your youthful dreams of having it all. But if you play your cards right, you can get some. Coming out of a divorce -- especially after 17 years -- is like stumbling forward in a half-stupor, blind to what would be obvious to a child. Everything you see is filtered through multi-colored glasses -- first the dim rose of nostalgia, then the fuscia fury of injustices, now the blinding white light of possibility.

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